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Body Lift Surgery

What is a Body Lift Surgery?

​A Body Lift, also referred to by Surgeons as the Belt Lipectomy or Lower Body Lift is a surgery which provides a very dramatic transformation of the mid and lower body.

It removes extra skin and fat from the torso, hips, outer thighs, and buttocks.

To remove the skin and fat, an incision is made around the lower body. Your excess skin and fat are removed.

Then, your stomach muscles are tightened, and the incision is closed to snugly fit the contours of your body.

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If you look at the different parts of a body lift, it includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), a thigh lift, and a buttock lift.

The lower body lift can be performed in one surgical session or performed in stages.

The body lift surgery is performed on post bariatric patients, as well as patients who have not had weight loss.

The body lift transforms people who have enjoyed significant weight loss and have excess skin.

However, results are just as dramatic in patients who in addition to a tummy tuck want a tightening of the skin in their thighs and buttocks.

Wordstream Review

Wordstream Review

I would like to give my review of my experience with Wordstream.

Their sales funnel is excellent…even SLICK.

They get you sucked in and eventually get you on the phone with a very skilled sales person.

That person then proceeds to magnify the pain you’re feeling – really twist the knife – and then offer everything under the sun that will solve all your problems.

I honestly thought Wordstream was going to be the ONE thing that would help me save my business.

It wasn’t.

On top of all that, their FEES are super expensive.

AND they make you sign a contract to get the rainbows and unicorns that the salesman told you that you’d be getting after you believed all his crap.

My review of Wordstream is this: it’s garbage.

You are MUCH better off saving your money and using Google’s free education and tools…specifically, you should download and use Google’s “Adword Editor.”

Here’s a link to Adwords Editor:

It does basically the same things as Wordstream and it’s TOTALLY FREE!

So DO NOT believe the hype and the slick sales process that Wordstream puts you through.

Safe yourself some pain and a LOT of money – use Google’s stuff instead.

Wordstream Review & Recommendation: Bad Product / I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE IT.