Hi Richard & Linda,

My friend Paul Serpa reached out to me to see if somehow we could make a contact with Steve Perry.

Paul is a talented record producer and is connected overseas with booking international pop artists to Europe and Africa. I'm not sure of all the details, but he is working with Julio Iglesias Jr on some projects. He is also in Spain/Portugal this week working on a deal with Ana Moura.

Ana Moura is the most popular artist right now in Portugal. She sings Fado with a modern twist. Paul is wondering if Steve Perry would be interested in doing a duet with her. (And later with Julio Iglesias Jr - AFTER he has a hit.)

Here is a sample video from Ana Moura's YouTube channel...

​If Steve is interested in discussing this, Paul could meet him in Southern California when he gets back from his Spain/Portugal trip.

​Here is a link to Paul's Facebook page:

​If either of you or Steve would like to contact him directly by telephone his number is (559) 358-1276.